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What is the Archimedes project ?

After one year without development of the XForms based Unix email client XFMail, the coding has started again. Many bugfixes have been written and some restructuring of the old internal code has been made. As the XForms library turned out to be very unstable, discussion about porting it to another toolkit library started. The GTK is supposed to be the toolkit of choice and so this is what the Archimedes project is about:

We will take XFMail's core, restructure it, and port it to the Gimp ToolKit.

What about Sourceforge ?

SourceForge is a VA Linux project. It gives OpenSource applications the possibilty to present themselves, and to maintain their distribution. This includes mailing lists, webspace, FTP, CVS, a Message Board, and even more. Go to SourceForge to read more about them.

2001/01/09 a late Happy New Millenium murphy
Hi, there will be some changes on the web site soon (my internal deadline is set to the end of January), so keep an eye on this page.
2000/12/18 soon... murphy
Hi there, first of all, apologies for being that lazy, no updates for the last three weeks, but my real life sets a hard limit on my spare time. Anyway, on our mailing list there were some evidences that there may be an alpha release of archimedes at the beginning of the new millenium (which I see is a great thing to start a new millenium with ;-)). So, look out for that one!
2000/11/28 archimedes sees first light murphy
Today Chris sent out an email with the current archimedes (cvs) version. I am delighted about this, let's see how long it will take to make it working fully functional and rock stable.