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Archimedes Project Team

This is the devel team as of 99/12/10:

  • Chris Freeze / email
    He did most of the new coding of XFMail and will be the main programmer and act as the team leader.

    The coders are

  • Wim Kerkhoff / email
    Computer Science student at the University College in the Fraser Valley
    works as a web programmer for NetMaster Networking Solutions, loves Linux, Perl, and all that fun stuff. Lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

  • Julian Dunn / email
    Student, University of Toronto and Validation Engineer, Matrox Graphics Inc.
    will do cross-platform (Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris/IRIX) porting and debugging for Archimedes

  • Tony Guntharp / email
    Project Manager at VA Linux System

  • Don Tidrow / email
    working for the US Army, developing ground vehicle and sensor simulators
    lucky owner of an OC3 connection, "it's always the other end of the 'Net that's the bottleneck..".

  • Alan Bailward / email
    Programmer for NetMaster Networking. linux god, recovering coke addict, and all night quake player. Fragging, coding and all things geek are his forte.

  • Marius Kowalczyk / email
    International Man of Mystery

  • Zoltan Csala / email
    Software developer,
    born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. Currently living in Toronto/Canada.
    Hobbies: Science fiction, cycling, traveling.

  • Florian Batschi / email
    will maintain the documentation of the Archimedes project and it's website.
    Currently student of Computer Sciences at the TU Berlin / Germany.
    Addicted to Perl and everything related to foxes.

  • Victor Brilon / email
    unix/network/java/perl/etc.. hacker for a living and always looking to hire good technical people who want to live in Dallas Texas :)

  • Carsten Aulbert / email
    unix/network/perl/c/web/cgi so almost anything ;-) In real life PhD student in Potsdam at the AEI, currently maintaining these pages (as well as others). Usually also known as murphy

  • Michael Bergbauer / email
    Will be added shortly