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Archimedes CVS

CVS will allow you to access the Archimedes source tree directly in order to get the latest snapshots.

But please be warned:

Archimedes from the CVS source tree is not an official release, only an working version. Maybe it does not even compile. Use at your own risk.

Anonymous access to the CVS tree can be gained in the following manner:

  • Install CVS (maybe TkCVS) from Cyclic and get all the info about CVS from there (may be useful).

  • To login execute the command

    cvs login

  • When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key (means: no password).

  • If you login for the first time, you have to checkout the CVS repository. Do a

    cvs co archimedes

    You only need to this step once.

  • From then on you can update your copy of the source tree from time to time by doing a

    cvs update archimedes

    How to send a patch of your changes

    do a cvs diff > mypatch.diff
    then mail mypatch.diff to

    Browse the CVS Tree

    Here you can browse the CVS Tree.